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Termite Control

Whether your needs are Residential, Commercial or Industrial, our highly trained technicians are fully-equipped to treat new and existing buildings in Bangalore. Dtell provides safe and eco-friendly termite control for a range of businesses in Bangalore. From retail stores to restaurants, cafes, hospitals, schools, IT Companies, Government buildings, we provide a flexible range of discreet solutions.

Schedule a termite inspection and let our experts in Bangalore help you stop or prevent pest infestations from happening. By applying the right termite treatment with the help of professional termite exterminators, you stop termites from damaging your property.

Stop termites by getting a safe and reliable termite treatment in Bangalore
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Termite Control

Wood Borer Control

Wood borers are wood damaging insect that invade and damage structural and furniture wood based on the type and moisture content of the wood. All homes or businesses constructed of natural wood are at risk to wood borer infestations.

For a quick and easy Wood Borer Control in Bangalore,
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Wood Borer Control

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